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Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Get rid of those difficult-to-clean stains and filthy spots. Bliss Home Care's professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne are available to offer the highest quality carpet, rug and mat cleaning.

We utilise the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your floor is taken care of correctly.
Bliss Home Care’s professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne use a specific treatment that can restore the longevity of your carpet.

In order to provide you with the most effective professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and rug maintenance, we've developed our own cleaning method that we follow. This includes:

• Pre-inspection of carpet.
• Moving of furniture that is light or other objects that block our ability to give an optimally clean view.
• Deep vacuuming.
• Treatment of any stains, dirt patches, stains, or high-traffic areas.
• Rinsing and extraction of the moisture along with all dirt left.
• Deodorization of the cleaned areas.
• A typical drying time of approximately 3-6 hours, based on the carpet's material and airflow.
• We recommend using stain protection solutions as well.

For professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, we use carpet steam cleaning. This is the most efficient way to eliminate stains. Our professional carpet cleaning services providers in Melbourne apply pressure to the fibres' base and then pull it out by pulling all pollutants from it.

Cleaning with steam is a well-tested method of getting rid of your carpets from stains, leaving them with the "like-new" look. You can rest assured that your carpet will get cleaned with effective cleaning products that can take care of every stain.

Why Bliss Home Care’s professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne?

• Get rid of stains and spots.
• It extends the life of carpeting.
• It makes carpets easier to clean.
• Helps prevent the build-up of bacteria and allergens.
• Improves the look of any space.
• Helps to protect the indoor air quality.

If your flooring needs professional cleaning, don't wait longer. Just contact us today and get the best professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.
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