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The Bliss Home Care Story

The origins of Bliss Home Care go back well before we moved into the house cleaning industry 18 years ago. It was during our careers in community service and health services that we understood the pleasure we get from nurturing and the importance of the ‘small stuff’ to improving people’s lives.
When we decided to start our own business here in Melbourne, home care seemed a logical extension of this. We knew that when house cleaning is done well it is often hardly noticed. You don’t ‘see’ cleanliness so much as feel it. A clean house nurtures the soul. It creates an air of freedom. And of course it provides free time to spend with family and friends or doing activities we love. We wanted to become one of the best – if not the best – cleaning companies Melbourne has to offer.
Originally we bought into a franchise house cleaning business and built that up, while juggling the raising of our two young daughters. Again the lesson was all about nurturing. The business, still based in Melbourne, didn’t grow overnight, but with care and dedication it became stronger and stronger. When the time came to establish our own business and brand, we knew what we had to do – have a point of difference from other cleaning companies – but we also knew what we had to improve.

House cleaning using locally made, green cleaning products

For a while we had been concerned about the safety of the chemicals that are so widely used in house cleaning. You only have to read the bottle or pack to understand that many commercial cleaning products used by other companies are potentially dangerous to cleaners, householders and the broader environment. But we also shared a widespread perception that so-called ‘green’ cleaning products were ineffective.

Similarly, our preference was to use Australian-made non-toxic cleaning products, but our perception was that this would be uneconomical.

After testing our perceptions with a lot of research, we were able to source a range of natural, uncomplicated green cleaning products that actually work. What’s more, they are made here in Australia and they are no more expensive than good quality commercial products. Nature, as always, provides the answers!

Our name and what we believe in

It seems fitting that the name of our business, Bliss Home Care, came to us during a meditation class. Bliss is one of the seven virtues of the soul. We all want bliss in our lives. Our philosophy is that we can make a real contribution to your search for bliss by providing you with a clean home – one cleaned with care and with safe, green, non-toxic and sustainable products. Backing that up with brilliant staff and great service, we know you’ll keep coming back.

Feria and Kerim Bilik, Bliss Home Care founders

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What people think about us

  • I just want to pass on my thanks to Lisa for the fantastic job she did cleaning my place this morning. It was very thorough and she got more done in 2 hours than previous cleaners have, despite the fact that things were pretty dirty (as we’re undergoing renovations at the moment).

    Thanks heaps! Looking forward to next fortnight
  • We are very happy with Danni – she is a lovely person, very punctual in her arrival and very thorough in her work. I do let her know how much we appreciate her, especially when she made such an effort to keep working when she had major car problems.
  • Danni always does a great job and super happy with her services. We had a house inspection recently and the estate agent said how great everything was looking (thanks to Danni.)
  • We find Leanne absolutely fantastic. She is very thorough and hard-working, she is incredibly kind, she has been flexible as each week has brought different challenges. She is especially wonderful and understanding with our cats.

    She would be the perfect cleaner for an animal-lover. She is a credit to Bliss Home-care.

    With many thanks,
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