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Why using Natural Cleaning Products is Better

The benefits of using natural cleaning products essentially come down to health. The health of our own human health, our pets and our precious earth. In this article we shed some light on the common household cleaners which are harmful, their side effects and why you should choose natural cleaning products.  

What many people don’t realise is the detrimental impact of choosing chemical based products over natural cleaning products. The hidden dangers are normally masked with fragrances and promises of clean sparkly homes.   

The use of these chemicals in your home contributes to indoor air pollution. These chemicals are often poisonous and can cause harm through ingestion, inhalation and absorption through skin. In fact, according to an international report, cleaning products are the most toxic products found in homes.  

Some chemicals can cause acute and immediate hazards such as sneezing, skin or respiratory irritation, chemical burns, watery eyes. Other chemicals can be associated with chronic and long-term effects such as diseases and illnesses.  

Some of the common items in your home which have harmful chemicals include: 

  • Soaps and detergentts 
  • Disinfectants and sprays 
  • Multipurpose cleaning products 
  • Window cleaners 
  • Carpet cleaning products 
  • Oven cleaners 
  • Washing powders and detergents 
  • Toilet cleaning products 
  • Air fresheners 

Some of the side effects of using chemical products include: 

  • Dermatitis and skin rashes 
  • Chemical burns 
  • Dizziness, headaches  
  • Short term and long term liver damage
  • Lung reactions and asthma 
  • Disruption to hormones and birth defects 
  • Increased risk of cancers and illness

When there is prolonged use of chemical based products, it can also contribute to several types of cancers, as well as lung and heart damage.   

The next time you’re out buying your cleaning products, be sure to read the fine print. You may be surprised by what’s in the ingredient list and the warnings issued on the labels.   

So what can you do to protect your home, your family, pets and our environment?   

Choose Natural Cleaning Products  

Natural cleaning products are derived from natural sources. These products are non-toxic to human health, pet health and our environment. They are normally more cost effective and do the job as well as chemical alternatives.   

You can choose to make your own natural cleaning products from items you may already have in your pantry or cupboards. These common items include: 

  • Lemon 
  • White vinegar 
  • Bi-carb soda 
  • Salt 
  • Water
  • Olive oil 
  • Essential oils

The ingredients listed above have a number of uses and benefits. As you can see there are no chemicals and they are all completely natural. To access natural cleaning tips for your home using the list of ingredients above, visit our Instagram page where we share a variety of tips for all areas of your home.  

Ultimately natural cleaning products are extremely safe to use in your home, around your family and pets, and do not negatively impact our environment.   

Bliss Home Care Services Green Cleaning Products  

The cleaning products used by Bliss Home Care Services are certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). GECA’s ecolabel on products provides an independent assessment and approval that products are better for the environment and reduce their impact on human health. GECA’s standards are rigorous, scientific and relevant to key Australian industries.  

You can rest assured when Bliss Home Care Services cleans your home, the products used are GECA certified. They also: 

  • Contain no hazardous ingredients. They contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine or bleaches, or harmful solvents. They contain no biocides, no caustic alkalis, no known carcinogens and no known toxins. 
  • 100% biodegradable and does not have DG (Dangerous Goods) classification. 
  • Are independently tested for cleaning performance against the best commercially available cleaning products and meet or exceed their performance 
  • Super concentrated, which reduces transport costs and associated pollution. 
  • Leave a smaller carbon print due to less plastic and other packaging materials per product unit, which requires less fuel consumption during shipping and contains less materials for disposal.

Alternatively, you can purchase eco-friendly green cleaning products that incorporate innovative technology and are safe for health and environment. These are referred to as Bio Bacterial Technology solutions. To read more about these safe and natural solutions, click here.   

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